The Mundane

The mundane. A knitted collection that is inspired by the every day, mundane tasks and repeats in our actions and routines that create symmetry and a linear living experience. Buying the same products and seeing the same route everyday.

The monotonous motions of the everyday. The Mundane.

The Collection

Samples grouped by colour and texture to showcase the variations of proportion and techniques within the collection.

Knitted Samples

Domestic, Dubied and Shima Seiki were used to create a varied range of both gauge and weight fabrics which showcase my versatility and knitted manufacturing understanding. Merino wool and Mohair with a dash of Acrylic for that unapologetic florescent red were used to have a striking design and luxurious handle.

Mark Making

Working to A3 size and experimentation of scale, size and proportion are considered to inform knit techniques.

Initial Drawings

A5 initial sketches on the go of found patterns, the layering of imagery to evoke movement, repetition and perspective.

Primary Imagery

Looking for the overlooked pattern and orderly formations within the everyday. Images have been edited to blur and distort shape and colour to emulate the wearing of the everyday and how we are creatures of habit, reluctant to change choice or routes.