Organised Chaos

‘Organised Chaos’ the two words that although juxtapose one another they accurately sum up the act of commuting and experience of it. Restricted by time tables and safety procedures we’re put into a box of time and seating that organise the hustle and bustle and blur of people of which are all trying to get from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Organised Chaos - The Collection

Knitted Samples

A selection of samples from the collection. Mohair is placed strategically proportioned and placed that post knitted is brushed to aggravate the fibres mimicking the blurring of pattern from movement.

Mark Making

Layering of medias on different paper qualities to emulate movement and blurring of colour.

Initial Drawing

Cutwork that focuses on key areas of line, the boarder that holds the texture is reminiscent of the windows that show the chaos contained on carriages.

Primary Imagery

Visuals of symmetry and order that contains the chaos that is the commute. Linear safety lines, symmetrical seating and rail tracks are all needed to create efficiency.